Welcome to the: Marshfield Heritage Museum

The Marshfield Heritage Museum is located in the lower level of the 2nd Street Community Center (211 E 2nd St). Access is available through the main entrance doors.

Tours and off-hour viewings of the current exhibitions are available by calling 715-384-5867.

We invite you to stop by the 2nd Street Community Center (lower level) in person during our open hours for a visual tour of Marshfield's past.


At Marshfield Heritage Museum, our interactive exhibits make history come alive. Take a journey through the rich and vibrant history of Marshfield via 'A Walk Through Time', where a collection of artifacts, stories, and immersive displays paint a vivid picture of our past. Immerse yourself in our 'Interactive War Timeline', exploring pivotal events and battles involving local servicemen and women. Step into the world of the 'Louie Rivers Log Cabin' and 'Hobo Jungle', and interact with tangible artifacts that help you relive historic moments. Unleash your curiosity and explore history with us!


Learning comes to life at the Marshfield Heritage Museum! From uncovering the significant role of agriculture, business, and industry in our 'Industry and Innovation' section to understanding community resilience through stories of the Marshfield Fire, every exhibit offers educational insights. Our 'Educational Experience' highlights the impact of war history on our local community, backed by expertise and comprehensive reading material. Get to know our 'Hometown Heroes', their bravery, sacrifices, and contributions to different wars. Here, we make sure every visit is a chance to learn something new.


The Marshfield Heritage Museum takes immense pride in celebrating the rich history and culture of Marshfield. Our 'Hometown Heroes' exhibit honors local veterans for their invaluable service, while 'Honoring the Fallen' pays tribute to soldiers who gave their lives for our country. Experience the resilient spirit of Marshfield through stories of perseverance during challenging times, like the Marshfield Fire. Our 'Cultural Chronicles' showcases our vibrant theater scene and unique tales of the traveling hobos, each leaving a lasting imprint on our city's heritage. Join us in celebrating our local heroes and the indomitable spirit of our community.