Pathways Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter - Featuring the Marshfield Heritage Museum

The Spring/Summer 2023 newsletter of the Historic Preservation Association of Marshfield, WI provides updates and historical accounts of the local community. The newsletter highlights the successful collaboration between the association and the Leadership Marshfield Team. The team worked on developing QR codes for major exhibits and creating a new website for the association. They also raised funds for the projects through grants and contributions. The newsletter also recounts a historic robbery incident in 1933 involving the Marshfield Brewing Company, where a police officer lost his life. The court records indicate that four robbers were involved, but the identity of the fourth robber remains unknown.

In addition, the newsletter features a reflective article about minstrel shows that were popular in Marshfield during the late 1800s and early 1900s. These shows involved white actors wearing blackface makeup to portray racial stereotypes of African-Americans. The article acknowledges the offensive nature of such shows while providing historical context. The newsletter also briefly mentions local events from the past, such as the removal of slot machines in 1923 and the purchase of a popcorn machine by the Adler Theatre Company.

Overall, the newsletter covers a range of topics, including community projects, historical events, and cultural reflections, offering readers a glimpse into the preservation efforts and rich history of Marshfield, WI.