Lest We Forget

A collection of local war memorabilia and stories. Discover a sombering reminder of the cost of war by viewing our memorial wall of local soldiers. Go beyond the headlines and hear how the local was impacted by wars.

Hometown Heroes

Discover the inspiring stories of local veterans from different wars, highlighting their bravery, sacrifices, and accomplishments.

Interactive War Timeline

Embark on a journey through local war history, exploring key events and battles where local servicemen and women played pivotal roles.

Military Artifacts and Memorabilia

Marvel at a highly curated collection of uniforms, medals, weapons, and personal items with history tied to our local community.

Voices from the Frontlines

Experience the stories of local veterans, providing an immersive and emotional understanding of their experiences and challenges.

Honoring the Fallen

Visit a dedicated memorial space that pays tribute to local soldiers who gave their lives in service to their country, ensuring their legacy.

Educational Experience

Discover local war history and its impacts with community experts and insightful reading material throughout the museum.

History of Marshfield

Discover Marshfield's captivating history at our 'History of Marshfield' exhibit. Explore the Great Fire, St. Joseph's School of Nursing, theater, agriculture, hobos, businesses, and more, bringing the past to life with artifacts and interactive displays.

A Walk Through Time

Embark on a captivating journey that reveals Marshfield's rich and vibrant history, through a carefully curated collection of artifacts, stories, and interactive displays.

Industry and Innovation

Uncover the significance of agriculture, business, and industry in shaping Marshfield. Meet the influential figures and establishments that have propelled the city's economic growth.

Community Resilience

Learn about Marshfield's resilient spirit, evident during challenging times such as the Marshfield Fire. Delve into the stories of perseverance that underscore the city's enduring strength.

A Living History of Marshfield

Step into the world of the Louie Rivers Log Cabin and the Hobo Jungle, where tangible artifacts and interactive displays make history come alive.

Celebrate Local Heroes

Discover the inspiring tales of Marshfield's heroes - from firefighters to healthcare professionals - whose acts of service have left an indelible mark on the city's history.

Cultural Chronicles

Experience Marshfield's rich cultural history, from the vibrant theater scene to the tales of the traveling hobos, each leaving their unique imprint on the city's heritage.